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Summer Watermelon & Key Lime Rejuvenate

Yellow watermelon is so delicious! I know right, yes especially during the heat of the summer and your body need extra refreshment. Healthy rejuvenate watermelon juice will come in seconds! So easy, so tasty and refreshing!


My another favorite plan from the nearest farmers market is the watermelon! BIG O watermelon that always makes me feel better! This time we only need one time work and baam! you can have refreshing watermelon until few days ahead!

I actually put the key limes just because I bought so many key limes before the watermelon and didn’t really have idea if it’s turn to be good if I mix it with the yellow watermelon. I have been mixed it with pineapple before but now I just want to taste something different, tangy taste but not from lime or lemon. Key lime how ever has distinctive flavor and aroma that if you are too sensitive, you would never replaced it into other citrus!

We Only Need Two Ingredients!! Not even needed ice cube! But if you like, you can always add it, but my trick is I put some of the watermelon chunk into freezer, it will replace the ice cube and the taste won’t change. I mean, you can always have the sweetness!

  • Cold chunk watermelon
  • 3 Key Limes, squueze
  • Couple of mason jars

Blend the ingredients and voila! A very refreshing watermelon on hand! The key lime juice adding some unique tangy taste but not too tart but just right. The aroma of key lime on the yellow watermelon makes it unique! I can’t stop drinking!!




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