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Indonesian Vegetables Fritter – Bakwan Sayur

Before I started to share the recipe, let me share a little bit about my memories with this delicious traditional snacks. It has stolen my heart since the first time I tried it about 30 years ago. I’m sure I was five something years old & it was at my grandma’s house. Personally, I’m not a really big fan of cabbages, but if it comes to this dish, I can’t resist not to eat it more and more. At the time I only knew the name of the snacks was Bakwan, but later, I grew up and I relocated to few different areas in Indonesia, there are some people called them “bala – bala”, “ote – ote ” what they really mean actually “bakwan sayur”.

It takes few times for me to keep my trial and error become wroth to try with no error 🙂 I have never asked anyone before about how do I can make this dish without no additions of MSG and bad stuff, plus I have never found the recipe how to make it real crunchy even after few hours you left it in your kitchen counter. Okay, I know you don’t want to know my stories that much, so let’s just start it 🙂


Ingredients :

  1. small to medium size of fresh sliced green cabbages
  2. 1 cup of mungbean sprouts
  3. 1 small carrots, shredded
  4. Chopped scallions
  5. 2 cloves grounded garlic
  6. 1/2 – 1 tsp of white pepper
  7. Pinch of salt
  8. Pinch of granulated sugar
  9. preferably fresh shrimp but you can substitute with dried shrimp as well and pound it.
  10. Chinese parsley
  11. 2 tbsp tbsp Rice Flour
  12. 1- 1 1/3 all purpose flour
  13. 1 tbsp panko bread
  14. Filtered water
  15. Vegetable oil/canola oil

How to make 🙂

  1. In a large mixing bowl, mix altogether the fresh vegetable ingredients and stir them until evenly mix. pour 1 cup water and stir again and put all flours one at a time. You might adjust the amount of the all purpose flour if you find it’s too thick but don’t make it too think as well because it will not stick all the vegetables well.
  2. In medium high heat, place frying pot with generous amount of oil you prefer to use. This method is going to be deep frying method, thus we want to use generous amount of the oil. It’s no necessary to flip the fritters back and forth. Only when it turns golden brown, flip it back one time and you are good to goo.
  3. Place the fritters in an absorbing paper towel to reduce the excess of the oil and serve with raw birds eye chili, sambal, ranch, or any dipping sauce you prefer. Enjoy!

PS :

For all my fellow vegetarians  you can always cut out the shrimp usage and you might want to adjust the amount of salt and sugar to adjust the umami taste.


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