Welcome to my new blog everyone,

I actually create this blog to share my recipes for people in my own group because sometimes it is a little bit tiring to share one or two recipes into few people at the same time, so I manage to create this little blog so they can just easily look up and find what recipe they want to see.

I don’t really have long script in this blog because somehow I also that type of person who doesn’t really enjoying “reading” as much as it was before the youtube invasion, lol 😛  I mean we are all hustle and bustle and don’t have much time to read unnecessary stuff while we also have to do other stuff and pursuing our goals in life, am I right? well my goal in life is to cook my favorite food in the kitchen and eating them and have some mouth orgasm! LOL JK!

I appreciate all the comment and positive feedback to this blog and I hope you guys enjoy what you making based on the recipes on this blog or the more good thing, if you also like to improvise those recipes adding this and that cut this and that and so on 😉

All the recipes I put in here are based on what I cook and if it’s not taste good or at least for my palate, it wouldn’t be on this blog, so no worries, it is all my personal cooking adventurer and experience. Also, because I have limited source and knowledge about how to make photos and blog look real fancy just like others, please forgive me, I don’t know how to do that so I only take the picture by own camera phone and uploaded it and I know it might be not so satisfying but at least those are my own food and picture and no crazy editing 😛

Have a good one and let’s eating the real food!