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Summer Watermelon & Key Lime Rejuvenate

Yellow watermelon is so delicious! I know right, yes especially during the heat of the summer and your body need extra refreshment. Healthy rejuvenate watermelon juice will come in seconds! So easy, so tasty and refreshing!   My another favorite plan from the nearest farmers market is the watermelon! BIG O watermelon that always makes… Continue reading Summer Watermelon & Key Lime Rejuvenate

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Stir Fry Rice Vermicelli – Bihun Goreng

They said Asian people loves noodles so much, well, we love noodles, I mean I love noddles so much!  There are plenty different name, textures, main ingredients & cooking technique, but all them are carbs! So if you love comfort food, this is might be worth to try! As usual this is a super easy recipe.… Continue reading Stir Fry Rice Vermicelli – Bihun Goreng

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Corn Fritters Recipe – Bakwan Jagung

What makes summer is on my top favorite waiting list? Yes, the heat and the ice cream temptation which never stop! Besides that, the perk of the summer is the fruits and produces that really makes you want to celebrate life again and again!     I went to farmer market during the summer and… Continue reading Corn Fritters Recipe – Bakwan Jagung

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Easy Nasi Goreng Recipe

Today is Indonesia’s 71st independence day & my first recipe as well! Dirgahayu Indonesia! Nasi Goreng Recipe  Nasi goreng actually means Fried Rice . Nasi goreng is one of very popular dishes among Indonesian society, from street food stall to the upscale restaurant you can easily find “nasi goreng” on their menu. I found many… Continue reading Easy Nasi Goreng Recipe